How To Get Rid of Foot Odour

How To Get Rid of Foot Odour

‘Usitoe viatu leo pris…’

Aha! Do people wrinkle their noses when you walk by? Or do they kindly suggest ‘not’ to remove your shoes when you visit? Well, it’s not that they don’t mind you stepping on their immaculate carpet, they simply don’t want to deal with the ‘smelly feet’ situation.

Stinky feet are really embarrassing and we hope this article helps. This excessive sweating and presence of bacteria in the shoes turns your feet into a stink bomb. Although it is a natural process, there are a few changes if made to your daily routine can fix this condition known as bromhidrosis and leave you with fresh happy feet.

It’s pretty simple!

For your feet (not in any particular order)

      Soak in Saltwater – Rated as one of the most effective home remedies to smelly feet. The salt pulls moisture out of your skin, reducing the amount of fungal bacteria that can survive there. What you do is: mix a cup of salt in a tub or bucket of water, soak your feet for 10 -15 minutes. And dry thoroughly after.
  Add some more Vinegar –  Vinegar has a drying effect which makes the bacteria starve. In a large bowl, mix 2 cups of vinegar in 4 cups of water and bathe your feet for 30 minutes for 7-10 days to fix the problem.
      Give your feet a tea pedicure – Because tea is a natural antibiotic, it kills the bacteria on your feet and the acid in the tea tightens your pores. Thus, reducing your rate of sweating.  Boil 1 pint of water with 5 tea bags, and soak your feet in the cooled tea mix, use for 7-8 days to get rid of smelly feet.
      Use Antibacterial Soaps – Use any recommended antibacterial soap for washing your feet.  Of course, you can sample some of the antibacterial products we have on the site. And while you’re at it, be sure to wash in between the toes. Once done, dry your feet well before wearing your socks and shoes.

For your shoes

  The socks you pick matter – If you sweat more than average, then cotton socks should be your feet’s best friend. It lets them breathe as compared to nylon which traps moisture around your feet. Also, you can carry an extra pair of socks to just keep your feet fresh and happy.
   Spray your kicks – Shoes speak louder than words, period. You don’t want your favorite pair of shoes stinking to high heaven! Preserve them by buying a good spray that has sanitizing ingredients which kill bacteria.

Once you’ve bought it, spray the entire inside of your kicks with the sanitizing cleaning product. Later, spray clean socks as well and place them inside your shoes. Leave them overnight. The socks will allow the product to absorb into your shoes.

   Use a Powder-  Dust your shoes with talcum or even baby powder. It not only keeps your feet and shoes dry but also clean, and fresh.

Additionally, wear different shoes and air them out  regularly. If the problem persists, consult with your doctor. Otherwise, keep your feet happy and healthy



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