Before you take that puff

Before you take that puff

You’ve probably heard it from your teachers, parents and pretty much everyone else in your social circle that smoking is bad for your health.

Well, it is. While there are various articles on how to avoid the health risks associated with tobacco products, there’s no safe way to smoke.

Still not convinced? Good thing you landed on this article. Let’s take a look at what exactly makes cigarettes bad for you. Cool?

Short-term effects:

If you’ve been smoking for a while, you have probably noticed that your fingers are a bit yellow (go on, look?) and leaving the house without mints is UNFORGIVABLE! Perhaps it’s that uncomfortable smell that’s left after you’ve enjoyed your cigarette. Let’s not forget what your hair and clothes smell like each time you take a puff and of course the discoloration of your teeth, which is quite visible. See, these are some of the short-term effects of tobacco.

Have you developed a cough that doesn’t seem to budge and a nose that’s ever running? Well, that’s just two of the many problems caused by smoking. Maybe none of these side effects sound too bad to you, but they are a sign that something is brewing.

Long- term effects:

Over time, the stains on your fingers and teeth will get worse and when the craving strikes, when you *urgently* need to take a puff, you will notice that your fingers begin to shake. The cravings will be more intense the longer you go without a cigarette and being near smokers or catching a whiff of cigarette smoke can also trigger your cravings. What was once an enjoyable habit, becomes a necessity haunting you to smoke one more, then another. Each puff has irreversible effects to your lungs and you know it but you can’t resist it.

Smoking slows down your body functions and it becomes harder to engage in rigorous activities like running. It becomes a struggle because scar tissue is building up in your throat and lungs. Jogging and running, activities that are essential for your health, become a sort of punishment. Your respiratory system is at that point crying out because of the smoking. Medical research shows that scar tissue means cancer is probably in your future.

With that in mind, is it really worth lighting up the next cigarette?


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