Amazing Men Products for Under 1000

Amazing Men Products for Under 1000

We’ve heard from the grapevine that men absolutely abhor shopping. There’s actually an article that talks about how men get bored after 26 minutes of shopping!


Same reaction we had. It’s mind-numbing.

BONGODAWA however allows you to shop online and have the item delivered to a collection point near you. But then, how do you know what to get?

We’ve put a together a list of health and wellness products, all under 1000/-  that the men would absolutely love ? What a bargain!

Old spice

Ksh 980

Is it his deodorant that got you hooked? And you did your research and discovered that classic, fresh scent is Old spice.  Good job! Now, surprise him by buying him his favorite deo on MYDAWA.









Hobby for Men

Ksh 280

If you can’t find him at work, he’s probably at the gym. He comes home later all sweaty, covered up with grease and the bar soap you got him isn’t working. It’s time to ditch it for Hobby. With the active and fresh scent of Hobby for Men, it will leave him feeling dynamic all-day long. Thank us later ?










Ksh 900

Condoms are definitely a couple’s best friend! Can you think of anything else that can shield you from STIs, in a fun way? Neither can we. Save him the pharmacy trips by getting him a pack of durex condoms on BONGODAWA ?









Deep Heat Bath Tonic

Ksh 833

Oh! This right here, he will love! After a tough workout, nothing else would soothe his muscles like a gently fragranced, foaming bath tonic.  It contains all the right ingredients i.e. natural Juniper, Eucalyptus, Patchouli and Thyme oils. Get it on MYDAWA.









See! That was easy ?

No need to move from one shop to the next yet you can get all these cool men stuff and more on BONGODAWA! Enjoy shopping girl!







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