Ladies pamper yourself with less than 1000

Ladies pamper yourself with less than 1000

If there is one thing women need to do more of, it’s pampering on purpose.

Let’s say it together, pampering on purpose.

See, women do wear many hats. We see that here at BONGODAWA offices every day. They’re mums to managers, humans, and when the going gets tough, they’re the cheerleaders of the team. Bet there are women in your lives who run their own business and still hold down their 8 to 5 jobs? Probably you’re that woman ?.

Well, you deserve to pamper yourself mama. Not because you want to spoil yourself but because it’s good for your overall health. Here’s one of the ways you can treat yourself, for once:


Take a break from the crazy and give it a try by first checking out what you can shop on BONGODAWA with this offer!

Amazing, right? We’ve compiled a list of what you can get under 1000/- :

Summer’s Feminine Cleansing Cloths

Ksh 580

Because that less-than-fresh feeling doesn’t always wait for when you have time to hop in the shower, now does it? You can conveniently grab Summer eve on BONGODAWA and add it your cart









Hobby Pink Paradise

Ksh 211

What greater delight can you have than to get clean in such a fun and easy way? Hobby is definitely a must-have. It leaves a gentle scent on your skin, as well as leaving you feeling fresh and clean. Try it.









Aloe Pura Organic Gel

Ksh 780

Since ancient times, this wonderful plant has been used as a healing herbal remedy. And we have stocked it on MYDAWA. The gel revitalises, softens and helps restore dry and damaged skin. Add it to your cart too









Liku Beeswax Body Butter

Ksh 460

Give your body a treat by applying Liku Beeswax body butter. An antioxidant-rich natural body butter that moisturizes and is non-greasy. Trust, you’ll thank us later.









Physiogel A.I. Cream

Ksh 790

There are lots of good reasons to do something about your dry, itchy skin – your looks, your health, and your sanity. Physiogel can help with that. Plus, it’s clinically proven. Make your order.









Dr. Organic Tea Tree Lip Balm

Ksh 620

Puck up your lips for a second. Are they dry? Slurpy? Just soft enough? Or do you have no idea even how good lips should feel?

With the cold weather of July, this often leads to dry chapped lips. Who needs that? So do yourself a favor and wear Dr. Organic Lip Balm



Found something you like? Great. Check out more goodies you may like on BONGODAWA!

Happy shopping girls!!!


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