7 Things Better Than Having A Boyfriend

7 Things Better Than Having A Boyfriend

Bae-cations, matching outfits, someone to take cute Instagram pictures with, someone to wear matching Ankara outfits with ?? Sounds heavenly doesn’t it? Don’t have a bae? Here are 7 things that are definitely better than a boyfriend sis!

1. Financial stability: Is there any need to explain this? Being able to swipe with reckless abandon every month and still have hella change is all a girl could dream of and more! Besides, you can always use your new found riches to buy an extra duvet or some fun bedside treats.

2. Clear Skin: Who wouldn’t want to have baby soft, glowy skin all year round? Plus not having a man to stress you might just be the boost your skin needs. (Don’t take our word for it though, LOL)

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3. Happy Hour: Aaah, there’s nothing more refreshing than the sound of your fave cocktail mixing with some crushed ice in a glass after a long day of adulting, sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Plus let’s face it there is very little that a good cocktail can’t solve. ?

4. Stunting With The Squad:  What beats having a strong group of black queens that you can chill with, spill all the tea to and sophistiratchet with from time to time? NOTHING! That’s what!

5. 50% OFF: Imagine a sale at your fave store? Bet that will reach spots that a boyfriend couldn’t ?? don’t you agree sis?

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6. Finding that one song on YouTube: You know that one song you heard on your fave show? The one that you keep humming but can never seem to figure out? Now picture the joy that would come with finally finding it online and being able to play it whenever. Now that’s something you can’t beat!

7. Finding the perfect pair of jeans: Imagine finding a pair of pants that perfectly fit around your waist, hugs your curves and gives your butt just the right shape is something that most people never find, much like love or boyfriends!


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