7 Things Better Than A Girlfriend

7 Things Better Than A Girlfriend

We have searched high and low, far and wide, journeyed to the ends of the earth and yet, we still can not find anything better than having a gorgeous black queen by your side fellas! ?

Just Kidding! Here are 7 things guys probably like better than having a girlfriend.

Smelling good

I mean, if you are looking like a snack, you should smell like one too! We are pretty sure guys will take smelling heavenly over having a girl.

Pssst, quick pro tip, you can step up your scent game with some Old Spice Deodorant, thank us later! ?

FIFA or just Online gaming in general

We are pretty sure you and the squad would give up a date to play the latest Fifa game, plus without a girlfriend, you do not have to keep explaining what the blue button does. ?

Sexy Expeditions

You know what we mean ? While you are out there conquering the unchartered waters of sensual experiences we suggest you stay safe king! Here are a couple of conquest essentials you shouldn’t leave behind!



Abs with the pecks to match.

Who doesn’t want to look like an Adonis? Plus with a new year here with us, being body goals is top of everyone’s list! Do you already look like a full course meal? Keep your body in shape with these products!

A loaded 3-inch

It’s definitely what you’re thinking guys! It has less to do with the party in your pants and more to do with your bank account! Bet you will take the ability to blow endless cash over having a girlfriend! Are we right or are we right?

A boys night out

If you have ever had to lie that you are working late so you can enjoy some chill time with the boys then we don’t have to say no more.


Nothing is better than having a girlfriend guys! Don’t be fooled! Girlfriends come with some fresh sense of direction and  focus, a warm homely feeling and to be honestly a very strong support system! Now that’s it’s 2018, it’s the year to go forth get a bae, and prosper!

Don’t feel shy, hit that share button and rile up someone cause hey, it’s 2018, the year to get boo’d up!


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