Lube: 5 Weird Uses You Didn’t Know About

Lube: 5 Weird Uses You Didn’t Know About

Introducing the only product that will help you get into a sticky situation, if you know what we mean ?

Aside from being the perfect bedside companion, here are 5 other strange uses for Lube you might not know about.

Breaking In New Shoes

You know that new pair of heels that feels so strange to wear and is almost painful to look at? Dab a bit of lube on the pain points. The silicone contained in the lube will go a long way in helping you settle into your shoes better.

Shining your shoes

Remember how seriously people took shining shoes in high school for parade? ? Well, how about taking your shoe game at the plantation to the next level? Use a cotton ball to buff away any scratches right out.

Taming The Mane

Edge and mane-control products can cost an arm and a leg. Good thing is you can use some lube to get those pesky fly-aways to stay in place.

Shaving cream substitute

Guess lube doesn’t only smooth thing out in the bedroom, it also serves as an awesome shaving cream. This because lube contains silicone which allows the blade to come a bit closer to your skin hence ensuring a closer shave.

Removing Sticker Residue

How annoying is the strange shape that is left over after you chuck stickers off products? ?  Dab some lube on the remnant glue, rub off with a piece of cloth and voila!

To finish off, no pun intended ?  you can order your favourite durex lube here and we shall deliver to a location that is most convenient to you. Happy shopping!


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