We are all in the pursuit of happiness in our daily lives. We want to live well by doing the things we love. One of the ways to be happy is by ensuring balance in our lives. You know by now that if you overdo something, there are consequences. But do we listen to our bodies which are the most integral part of life itself? Do you know which body signals to look out for? Do you know when to stop, take a step back and rejuvenate or recharge? If you don’t, then this is a perfect time to do so.

Ask yourself this question right now; ‘How do I feel?’ Be very honest with yourself and answer the question in its entirety. What you do with the answers you get will determine the level of happiness and balance you will achieve to last you the remaining half of the year.

Ever heard of the saying, ‘The issues are in your tissue’? This means that any issues of anger, depression, fatigue, anxiety, etc correlate in your brain and finally make every cell in your body aware about the issue through the Central Nervous System. This means that some health problems you experience are deeply ingrained and most times, our bodies have a way of warning us of waning health. Therefore, to feel alive and be alive, we need to connect with our Body, Mind and Heart and learn to listen to the signals it sends us.

You can start here.

Do you feel tired all the time? When you get out of bed, you are supposed to feel a renewed sense of energy. However, if you have trouble waking up in the first place and you always seem to hit a snooze button, your body might be saying it needs more rest. If you cannot go along with your day without several cups of coffee, are almost always yawning and stretching, find it difficult to concentrate and are irritable, it could be time to sign in that leave form and take a few days off. You could have a B- Vitamin deficiency.

Are your eyes dry and itchy? If you keep rubbing your eyes and they feel dry, it could be a sign of stress, allergies or could come with old age and medication. However, when accompanied by joint pain and fatigue, it could be a sign of an autoimmune disease such as lupus where the body immune’s system attacks healthy tissues.

Dry, chapped and cracked lips? If you are the type that constantly reaches out for your lip balm every five minutes to relieve your lips of dry skin, then you need to drink up more often. Additionally, you may have experienced infrequent urination and dark, yellow, smelly urine. This all means you are dehydrated and need to increase your water intake.

Are your nails yellow in colour? This could mean you have diabetes. High blood sugar levels lead to sugar sticking in the protein under the nails hence making them appear yellow in colour.

Do you almost tipple and fall often? If you momentarily lose balance, you could have a middle ear infection. This is especially so if you have dizziness, headaches and have a burning or tingling sensation in your ears.

Do you constantly clear your throat before and as you talk? Most people conclude that throat clearing is a habit picked up by people who want stall before making a point. However, it could be a sign of simple reflux which is a type of acid reflux that does not have any visible symptoms. You could be suffering from the reflux if the throat clearing has manifested itself for over 3 months.

Is your tongue bright, red and inflamed? Turns out you could have a rare type of anaemia that comes about because of Vitamin B 12 deficiency. Some symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency are fatigue, loss of appetite and constipation which could be found in vegetarians as the vitamin is consumed in meat or in old people who have an absorption problem.

Impactful Listening

Think about a crying child whose mother ignores her wails and does not care to know if the child is happy or unhappy or if they have an issue. Do you think that child will develop normally? They could become rebellious or withdrawn because of their ignorant mothers. Now think about your body, do you think your body will be happy with you? Chances are that it will overwork itself trying to send you signals and eventually give up giving in to illnesses or diseases.

It is therefore important to master the act of listening to your body. It cannot happen in a day, but as you remind yourself to listen, you are able to master the act and hence live a joy-filled life.


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