Secrets to Aging Gracefully

Secrets to Aging Gracefully

We all abhor mornings where we can hardly recognize ourselves when we look at the mirror. The shock of been stared at by a face scored with deep, dry wrinkles and cracked skin. The verge of a total face collapse. For others, it’s that subconsciously triggered worry of whether you will still be able to pull all-nighters, not only keep working but doing so productively.

Aging, that is what scientists call it, the one inevitable part of the life cycle. You and I can both attest that growing old is the most humbling process (Deny it but you know it’s true). You may think it takes a lot of effort to age gracefully, but it really isn’t that difficult. Here are a few valuable tips;

1.Balanced food choices

A successful diet is the triumph of mind over platter. Choosing the most appropriate diet for your age does not have to be an extreme sport. All it takes is equipping yourself with the right information, and self-discipline (if you’re to curb impulsive feeding habits, which you know you should). As you age, the importance of consuming proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and cutting down consumption of processed sugars becomes more necessary.

Having eggs, beans and nuts in your daily diet is the simplest way of boosting protein intake. Consuming enough low-fat dairy foods such as cheese, milk or even yoghurt goes a long way in ensuring that your bones and teeth remain healthy and strong. Vegetables, whole grains and whole fruits such as bananas and apples guarantee you carbohydrate supply in your diet.


This must be the most underscored practice by our generation. People ignore inner peace, and instead choose to pay for self-destruction. Reports by WHO state it as the most efficient way to accomplish wholistic health. Be it yoga, transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation or whatever method you deem most fit for you, they all culminate into similar health benefits, which are much needed as one ages. These include;

Significant slow aging

A study by Sara Lazar, a mental health researcher at Harvard University, accurately indicates that meditation directly changes brain psychology. Meditators were found to have more gray matter-literally having more brain cells-which means all your body functions remain guarded as all functions begin in the brain. Meditation also significantly preserves your brain’s cognitive abilities, which means that you remain more focused and sharper as you age.

Cardiovascular and immune health

Because of a variety of relaxation exercises practiced during meditation, blood circulation is effectively aided, more oxygen gets to your hyperactive body and brain cells. This consequently means that you feel fresh throughout your day, you avoid heart conditions such as hypertension, strokes or even looming heart attacks which are the most infamous threats that come with old age.

Other benefits include improved concentration, self-acceptance and self-awareness boost generally contributing to improved well-being, which is something we all want to have when we are older.

3.Exercise, not extra rice.

This compliments all the practices noted above. Exercising does not only boost one’s physical and mental fitness, but also plays an important role in maintaining healthy body weight and preventing everything from the common cold, to chronic diseases, be it diabetes or cancer. That simple routine jog could go a long way in saving you so many worrying trips to the doctor.

4.Personal hygiene

Most people tend to lay off routine personal grooming practices as they grow old. However, it remains important to constantly brush your teeth, washing your hair regularly, put on clean shoes/socks and inner wear, regular showers, and periodic ridding off ear wax. These go a long way in keeping harmful bacteria at bay, which is something nobody needs as the immune system naturally weakens as we age.

5.Avoid alcohol and drugs

Drinking in moderation may have some health benefits for seniors. In cases where you can’t draw the line between moderate and over-indulgence, where you constantly promise yourself that “I’m not drinking too much tonight,” but it never goes as planned, it’s better to avoid the bottle all together. Liver damage, dementia, and skin aging are all associated with alcoholism, especially if you’ve been seasoned in the habit. Really, who needs that as they grow old?

There you have it, make it a habit to practice all the above and you’ll be assured of aging gracefully and maintaining your same youthful energy.


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