Wellness tips for the festive season

Wellness tips for the festive season

We all look forward to moments of happiness, celebration and camaraderie during the festive season but may encounter challenges to our physical and emotional health. Here are a few tips to keep you in good spirits and healthy during the festive season.

Eat well, eat healthy.

We tend to gain more kilos during the festive season, but you need to know that you can eat well and healthy! As you eat well and healthy, don’t deny yourself the opportunity enjoy whatever meal treats are on offer but always have the presence of mind to indulge in moderation. You could opt to serve small portions instead of waiting for one huge meal.

Stay active.

The importance of exercise shouldn’t be watered down by the festive season. Strive to stay active at least four times a week. There may be plenty of distractions, but the festive season may offer an additional element of fun. You can get your loved ones to join in and use this as an opportunity for quality bonding.

Get enough rest.

The festive season is highlighted by various activities such as parties, picnics and other types of gatherings that could take up most of our time, resulting in late nights with no time for rest and recovery. It is time that you give yourself enough time to rest, just as you would at any other time of the year.

Travel safely.

We often use the festive season to travel and meet up with loved ones. If you are traveling by road you will probably need to be wary of increased traffic during this period. It is also important that you resist the urge to drink and drive.

Relax, De-stress.

Despite the festive season being associated with joy and happiness, stress may creep in. You might get caught up juggling professional and personal commitments simultaneously. You may also feel the financial pressure of gifting friends and family while coping with any conflicts that may arise from hosting or attending functions over this period. A great way of getting around this is to anticipate your potential stress triggers and hatch a plot to manage them. You may have to host or attend fewer functions or operate on a tighter budget. Don’t feel bad about this; you must care for yourself before you can take care of others.

Give yourself a treat.

While it has been engrained in our collective psyches that the festive season is about helping those around you, make time to take care of yourself. It could be something as simple as lazing around and enjoy a few restful days, watching a movie, reading a book or travel. Spare the time to do the things that make you happy.

Lend a helping hand.

Amid all the hype about this being a time to reconnect with friends and family, many people feel lonely, depressed, maybe even suicidal. Offer your support to those in need. Spend time with colleagues and friends who may be alone over the holiday. You could even volunteer and give to the less fortunate.


Happy holidays!




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