Foods to cozy you up during cold weather

Foods to cozy you up during cold weather

After the long period of extraordinary hot weather  for the beginning half of the year, we were all so happy that cooler times were back, , no more excessive sweating and unnerving dehydration. However, with the not so “cool” July weather, we’ve got you covered with healthy tidbits on how to cozy up with warm foods.

1. Soups

There’s nothing as amazing as delicious soup prepared with cumin and pepper to heat you up when things get a tad too cold. It is also the best time to switch from healthy salads to soups and if you must have both, save the latter for afternoons when your body is relatively warmer than other periods  of the day. It is advisable to capitalize on cereal soups, e.g. black bean soup, which are rich in iron and copper, nutrients that catalyze your muscles to use up more oxygen, boosting your immunity.

For those cold nights where you are literally freezing to your toes. You may want to try thick soups with root vegetables which are equally packed with vitamins such as magnesium, potassium and dietary fiber.

2. Whole grain foods

When prepared and served while hot, foods like rice, millet and barley instantly warm you up, as well as maintaining your complex carbohydrates intake- these are directly digested to energize and heat up your muscles. They are also a good source of Vitamin B which is very crucial for the functioning of your thyroid glands (the organ responsible for regulation of your body temperature).

3. Spice up your meals

Spices are best known for catalyzing one’s metabolism, which leads to generation of body heat as a by-product. Sprinkle a little more of that cinnamon, paprika, turmeric or even cloves on top of your meals, but be careful not to add too much as that would instead lead to excessive sweating, hence, faster loss of generated body heat.

4.Organic fats

Unprocessed fats such as coconut or butternut oil help keep you warm as well as keeping your skin nourished and moisturized. Dry skin leads to faster loss of metabolic heat from your body, the worst part being that it leaves you more susceptible to really feeling the cold. If consuming such fats is not a viable option for you, you may consider rubbing the oils directly onto your skin, and this will enable you retain more body heat, hence keeping you warm.

5. Rhizomes

Ginger must be the most available yet most effective rhizome for anyone. Most people use it as a mixture with something else to cure the “common cold”, you probably have done it too. Did you know that grated ginger, when prepared in mixtures of porridge, soups or even salads boosts your immunity, optimizes your Body Metabolism Index (BMI). This means that your body generates and retains enough heat, optimizing your body temperature in accordance to your immediate environment.

So there you have it! Remember you will still need to dress warmly in order to beat this cold and keep colds and flus at bay. Here at MYDAWA we care about your health and wellness and can prepare you to keep and stay well through this season.

Shop for your vitamin C supplements   and enjoy health and wellness during this cold spell.


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