5 reasons why you should support him this Movember

5 reasons why you should support him this Movember

First of all: What is Movember?

The time is here again, November. A time when many men and some boys who can, let their facial hair run wild. Growing it out and occasionally leaving it scruffy and shaggy, much to the chagrin of many wives, girlfriends and other ladies who do not understand this odd tradition of “Movember”.

Started in 1999 and really taking off from 2004, Movember began as a way of men raising awareness to some of the health issues that are affecting other men but sometimes are overlooked because of social stigma and lack of information. It was used to raise awareness of the importance of getting checked for prostate, testicular and other forms of cancer, which when detected early can be managed. In recent years it has also been used to highlight the mental health challenges faced by many men and encourage them to seek help before its too late; preventing depression and suicide.

You don’t have to grow a beard or moustache for Movember but you can support the cause in many ways. If you are still on the fence about the tactics and worried that Dar es salaam will be overrun by werewolf-looking gentlemen here are 5 reasons you should get on board the beard-bus:

It will motivate him to go for cancer (and other health) screenings more often
According to the Cancer Awareness Centre of Tanzania, the majority of Tanzanian men do not go for prostate and testicular cancer screenings because they feel the methods used are an intrusion of privacy. Cancer and general health checks are usually seen as something that women should do regularly and many men put it off as not that important. However, it is important that everyone gets checked frequently so that they can catch some of the manageable diseases early. This results in a better chance of staying healthy.
It helps men take their health more seriously
Movember is just not about prostate cancer awareness, it’s a month-long campaign to have men take more initiative to take care of their physical and mental health. Supporting him will motivate him to get regular check-ups, eat right, exercise and live a healthier life. Give him a head start by getting him some dietary supplements here. The vitamins and minerals found in them will help him in his day to day activities whether it’s working out or simply giving him more energy and boosting their immune system.
He will walk around looking like a snack all Movember
Who doesn’t like to look at a nice beard? Movember is a time to sit back and ogle at your black king’s lush facial hair looking like Mufasa from the Lion King. This is also a perfect time to get him a nice gift that will help take care of their bear and make it full; not forgetting smell so good. Facial hair doesn’t mean that they have to look like a caveman. Pick from our selection of products for him.
Turn it into an opportunity for both of you to give back.
Movember is a good time to raise awareness for prostate, testicular cancers & general wellness for men. You and the man in your life can also use it as a time to donate and fundraise for foundations that offer treatment and support for people diagnosed with Cancer. you can also take the time to help out at a cancer support group. Locally, you can donate and support foundations such as Eddah’s Hope, Faraja Cancer Support, Africa Cancer Foundation and many others.
It will definitely make you appreciate all the effort he takes into grooming.
Not a beard fan? Having your man grow out his beard this month will have you taking note of all the effort he puts into maintaining that smooth face all year round. We sometimes take for granted the care that needs to be put in to avoid razor bumps, cuts, pimples and many other beard-related injuries that go into keeping a well-groomed face. Take this chance to share skincare tips and tricks to help tackle some of these problems.

There are many other reasons that everyone should take part in this fun and interesting tradition. Chief of all, we should remember to start conversations and discussions around men’s health and encourage everyone to take care of themselves and their health.

How else do you feel you can help support the Movember movement? Share your comments below or on our social media channels. Also, look out for various events and activities that will be running throughout November.


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