Love yourself, live well

Love yourself, live well

“As a real man, you cannot be seen to be weak, or crying. You are supposed to be invincible and unbreakable,” is what you are like to be told by toxic masculinity. Except, you are not. Just like women, men are human too. Men often die of chronic diseases like diabetes, strokes and cancer. This is because they are less likely to go to a doctor with their health concerns like women do, hence, men living an average 6 years less than women as cited in the WHO Mortality Database by the World Health Organization.

Many men out there struggle when it comes to finding the right combination of things that guarantee you a healthy and well balanced life. Well it gets easier only if you know where to look, in terms of nutrition, fitness, mental health and even stress management. In the month of November, our focus will be on how men can fine tune their health and wellness, providing information on how men can adopt a general lifestyle that enables them to maintain and improve their health.

Living well isn’t just about eating well and going for medical routine checkups — you need to have also a positive outlook on life, a proper self-image, and a balanced lifestyle.  Here are the key things to note, in your pursuit for a life well lived this November;


Do you drink enough water every day? Water is essential for our bodies to function. Most of your body is made up of water. This inevitably means that it is an essential commodity for the body to be able to carry on its daily processes- waste removal, translocation of nutrients, oxygen and minerals around our body. One loses water daily through urination, bowel movements, sweating, and even breathing. This lost solvent must be replaced back into the body, almost immediately.

The amount of water needed depends on various factors such as environmental temperature and humidity, physical activity, and weight. The easiest way to spot and curb dehydration, is by observing one’s urine. Usually, urine should be slightly yellow. if it is a darker variation of this color then it is a certain case of dehydration. you’re not getting enough water! Other signs include dry lips and dry mouth. Drink more water!


Exercising is life. All existing research on the internet regarding healthy living, shows that exercising daily brings invaluable benefits to your body, including prolonged life, lower risk of contracting communicable diseases, higher bone density, balanced body weight. Find ways to increase your physical activity within your daily schedule. For instance, choose walking over commuting or driving over manageable distances, take the stairs instead of using the lift. Who said men must go to gym to lift weights in order to feel and look fit? One may as well join an aerobics class or a sports class that indulges in your favorite sports.

It is also important to spread out one’s workouts in a way that benefits all your body parts. No man wants to look half-buff and half-skinny. That can be very embarrassing. For instance, don’t just focus on jogging and end up ignoring your core-body workouts. Give your body a proper and balanced workout. The easiest way again, is to engage in sports since they mostly give your body muscles a wholistic workout.

Self-love and psychological care

No man can keep up the facade of being a “man,” being masculine and keeping it all together all through and continue living a healthy life for long. Depression in men is very common and often goes undiagnosed and untreated. Well, different men cope in different ways. Some of the factors that could lead a man into depression include a consistent feeling of being lonely, societal pressures, history of substance abuse or even self-isolation.

The best way to ensure that your mind is always in a peaceful state is by seeking support from and surrounding yourself with people who you trust, and who care about your well-being, not just physically, but psychologically and emotionally too.

It is also important to ditch your gadgets occasionally for some quality facetime. Inter-personal interactions play an important role in alleviating depression as you give your mind the chance to get distracted from what would normally stress you out on a daily.

It is also important to engage in physical activity like sports or clubs, especially when you have the time but are not feeling like it. When depressed, you tend to find yourself preferring alone time, so the more you can fight this urge, the healthier your mind will become.

Live well.


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