Schools have been closed and children are home for the holidays, despite the frightful weather in Dar es salaam and most parts of the country, it is likely that you will be taking the children out to a variety of holiday parties, if not hosting one yourself. Here are a few pointers to help you keep them healthy and entertained without being a buzzkill to their fun activities;

Make them wash their hands regularly

As the kids go about their play, they happen to be the most prone to coming into direct contact with harmful germs as they often play where the germs like to mingle. To prevent them from spreading germs to their peers, or even carry them back home after play, then they need to regularly wash their hands. Diarrhea and other food-borne ailments have been a leading cause of death for children aged five and below particularly in low income areas. Contaminated food can lead to further illnesses which could be dangerous to people with compromised immune systems as well as to expectant mothers and their unborn children. You can read in depth detail about effective handwashing in one of our previous blogs here

It probably also is the best time to teach the younger ones on how to and the importance of using alternatives like wet wipes and hand sanitizers. This will come in handy especially during the long travels where they may periodically need to be fed, with no access to clean water for hand washing. BONGODAWA stocks a good variety of these, which can be found at

Add a healthy twist to their favorite snacks

This is easier than it sounds. Incorporate fruits and veggies constituting of low fat, bake their breads and make burgers and pizzas using whole wheat flour (known for its rich carbohydrate and dietary fiber content) and even serve fruit salads with a yogurt dip. This method of swapping out ingredients for healthier and more nutritious substitutes will help regulate the amount of fats and harmful calories that they consume.


As aforementioned, the weather this December is frosty, wet and all sorts of terrible. This could be the best time for the kids to take supplements, to boost their immunity during this vulnerable season, or even just to boost their energy and cognitive functions. If uncertain, consult your child’s pediatrician or doctor about the effectiveness and possible risks of any supplementary health approaches you are considering or even maybe already using for your child. Meanwhile, we have a variety of options for you at  if you are looking to commence introducing these into your child’s diet, or looking to restock what you already use.

Go retro with the indoor games

There are many toys and games to choose for the children in this decade. Consoles, action figures and dolls just to name a few. These, however, never last as there will always be an upgrade, or they end up being monotonous for your child to play with anymore. Go old school. From classic board games, teaching them retro dance moves or even home treasure hunts where the parents and older siblings play the role of hiding said ‘treasure’ and formulating clues, while having the younger ones competitively find the treasure. Such kind of games not only improve the children’s creativity but also enhances their socialization skills.

Other simple but fun activities could also include helping them with their chores like dishwashing, laundry folding or even washing their pets with them if they have any. Such would go a long way in fostering bonds among all family members as well as building trust among the children.

Finally, re-enforce a tight and consistent sleeping schedule. The kids sleeping for an average of 8 hours daily during the Christmas break can have multiple health benefits to them, including a boosted immune system, more energy level and makes them less vulnerable to frustrations when playing with their siblings or friends.

To all the kids reading this, happy holidays to you from the BONGODAWA team. Eat healthy and make merry!


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