What is causing my acne?

What is causing my acne?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it is responsible for protecting your other organs and muscles from the outside elements. It is covered in lots of small hairs and holes called pores. These help you to regulate your body temperature. Your pores produce sweat which helps cool you down. It also produces oil that keeps your skin soft and hydrated.

Sometimes, however, your pores can become clogged when oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt build-up inside them. This leads to pimples on the surface of the skin also known as pustules or papules. There are different types of acne such as:

Whiteheads, which are when the pores are plugged up and closed.
Blackheads; when the pores are open and plugged up
Small red, tender bumps which are what are commonly known as papules
Pimples which are papules with pus at their tips
Nodules; that are large, solid, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin. When these fill up with pus they are known as cystic lesions.

There are many causes for acne with some being environmental and others caused by changes in the body. Many teens experience acne during puberty as a result of the hormonal changes happening inside them. Acne can also flare up as a result of chemical changes in the body due to menstruation or pregnancy.

Find out what is causing your acne.

Knowing what could be causing or worsening your acne is the first step towards finding solutions to manage and treat it. We have a short quiz below that will help you pinpoint what could be making your acne worse. Answer a few questions to see your results.

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If you are experiencing severe acne or your pimples are bursting and extremely painful we advise you to visit a qualified and registered dermatologist. They will professionally assess your skin and give you recommendations on how to treat your acne.


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