Self-medication is as simple as becoming a doctor to yourself – Taking medication without a Doctor’s prescription.

1. Can You be your Own Doctor?

Self-medication is as simple as becoming a doctor to yourself – It may be defined as the use of over the counter (OTC) drugs and prescription only medication (POM), by individuals for treating an ailment without a Doctor’s prescription. It is a common habit practiced globally evidenced by the fact that in early symptoms of illness, it is the first line of action taken by most people. Drugs most commonly associated with self-medication include analgesics, antibiotics, antimalaria, antihistamines, supplements, weight loss, weight gain products and cough medication.

2. The Danger with Self Medication

Every drug is a potential poison and can cause adverse reactions which can be fatal if not taken in the proper way. Pharmacists are trained to give you information about safe use of drug products. Use of drugs without professional advice, may result in, drug over-dose, drug interaction etc which could lead to serious health complications and even death. Is it then wrong for one to self -medicate? Not at all.

3. Responsible Slef Medication

The World Health Organisation (WHO), approves of the use of OTC drugs by individuals to treat conditions indicated for use of the products, what is key is that individuals are armed with sufficient information for safe use of the medication such as correct dosage, route and frequency of administration. this is termed responsible self-medication. It is the duty of Pharmacists to provide information, regarding the appropriateness of drug for the treatment of the condition in question and safe use of drug to patients. However, individuals are advised to always read carefully the product leaflet before use.

In conclusion drugs can treat ailments but have potential to cause harm, it is advised that you consult with your doctor or pharmacist to get information on any drug product before taking them. At Malbo Pharmacy, we are committed to providing drug information service to our clients through our Online Pharmacy Care at  Online Pharmacy & Drugstore. We have provided premium and professional drug information service for free. You can read about feedback from our customer here

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