How to Stop Eating out of Boredom During the COVID-19 Lock Down

Life in lockdown isn’t short of challenges. And putting on weight is one of them!

After all, with over 15,600 recorded cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria so far, we’ve been told to stay indoors and keep our distance from loved ones. You’re stressed, bored, and have easy access to a kitchen full of food.

It’s natural to reach for the snacks and munch away the monotony. Unfortunately, the weight piles on in the process. Want to break the habit and learn how to stop eating out of boredom? Keep reading!

Stay Busy and Active

Prevention’s better than cure, right?

That’s why, sometimes, the best way to stop eating out of boredom is to stop yourself from getting bored in the first place! Having tasks and activities to do should keep you engaged, entertained, and amused throughout lockdown.

Draw yourself up a long list of things to do and set about ticking them off! You’ll keep your mind active and away from what’s in the kitchen in the process!      

Stay Social

Staying indoors all day isn’t exactly great for your social lives! 

Thanks to the wonder of technology, though, we can still stay in touch and have virtual fun with friends and family. Doing so will lift spirits and, just as importantly, give us something to do! You’re less likely to open the fridge or cupboards in search of food in consequence.

Stay in a Routine

Consider creating a schedule for when and what you’re going to eat each day as well. Having that structure in place during the coronavirus lockdown will help in two ways.

Firstly, it should mean you eat all the food required to stay full and energized throughout the day. That, in theory, will make you less inclined to snack! Secondly, your mind and body will come to expect food at certain times, relieving the desire to eat outside of them.

Stay Firm in Your Resolve

Most of us aren’t actually hungry when we eat out of boredom. Our thoughts turn to our tummies and we use food as a simple mechanism for passing the time!

Have an urge to start snacking at some point during the day? Try waiting a while instead. Hold out, turn your attention to something else, and you might find that your ‘hunger’ disappears.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water’s crucial to our wellbeing at the best of times. It keeps us hydrated, cools us down, makes our skin healthier, and cleanses our bodies, to name just a few.

However, drinking a glass of water can also keep the wolves at bay. By getting something into your system you effectively trick your body into believing it’s eaten! You should feel less need to eat something as a result.

Exactly How to Stop Eating out of Boredom

Have you found yourself eating more than usual during lockdown?

Well, you won’t be the only one! Stuck at home with nothing to do, it’s natural to reach for the chips, chocolate, and ice-cream to pass the time. Alas, it’s also a sure-fire way to pile on the pounds. Knowing how to stop eating out of boredom should help you avoid that eventuality. Hopefully, this article will help in that regard!

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