5 Ways to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Exercise During the Pandemic

The days run together at this point. From working long hours on your feet to sitting at a makeshift desk in your kitchen, the pandemic seemed to put your life on pause. You went from having a super active lifestyle to barely even making a few thousand steps per day. 

The stress that comes with major adjustment has left you unmotivated to keep up your workout routine. It’s happened to everyone. If you need a little help, keep reading below. Below are 5 ways to make sure you’re getting enough exercise during the pandemic.

1. Create a Reward System

Did you replace working out with a couple of hours of Netflix each night? Create a reward system to reach a compromise.

Tell yourself you only get to watch 2 episodes of your favorite show if you work out for at least 30 minutes. You can adjust the numbers however you wish as you practice this reward system. Watching TV will feel better after knowing you put your best foot forward for your health. 

2. Set Up a Work Out Space 

Because you won’t be having visitors for a while, go ahead and do some rearranging with your furniture. Get creative in setting up a home gym. 

If you have an extra bedroom or some room in your living room, lay down a yoga mat and a few weights. By creating a set work out spot, you’ll be more encouraged to get that exercise in!

3. Look Up Videos

The internet is a powerful tool during a pandemic. Between learning ways to eat healthy and discovering work out videos, there are plenty of online resources for you to dig into.

Hop on Google or YouTube and search something like, Quick Arm Work Out or Full Body HIIT Video. Once you find an instructor you like, subscribe to their site.

4. Find an Accountability Partner

Whether it’s someone you’re quarantined with or a friend from work, find someone that can hold you accountable to your workout goals. 

Set up a system where they text you each evening asking how you’re workout went. You can even find someone with the same goals and check in on each other. 

5. Join Virtual Online Classes

If you struggle during a workout, join a group virtual class. Plenty of workout influencers and small studios are hosting classes through platforms like Zoom.

They’re typically low price or donation-based. It’s a great way to have some sort of social connection while staying at home. 

Encourage Yourself to Exercise at Home With the Above Tips

Finding the encouragement to exercise at home during a pandemic is rough, but there are some ways you can encourage yourself. You can bring in accountability partners and set up your own home gym area.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve lost some endurance or gained a few pounds. Any small step in the right direction will help you so start with small goals and work your way up!

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